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A new travel site designed for the flexible traveler

19/05/2009 17:07


Launched by a crew of SideStep alumni, brings consumers a comprehensive travel site that exclusively offers the best travel deals, special offers and sales.



Voyij fills a void on the web that people want: “what travel destination is on sale today?” With Voyij, you can explore and discover travel sales and deals you never knew existed independent of origin, destination or dates.


You simply enter where you are and Voyij presents the most comprehensive list of travel deals, sales and offers on the web at a given time. Not every destination or date is on sale every day, but Voyij allows you to find what is on sale at the time you search. In the process, you will explore and discover new travel destinations to a variety of exciting places.


“The Voyij team is really on to something. They’ve developed a truly unique concept, and have deep technology and a strong team to back it up,” said Rob Solomon, an online travel industry veteran who formerly ran Yahoo’s Travel business and was CEO of SideStep. “Having worked with the founding team at SideStep, I know the Voyij team has the persistence, ability, technology, and experience to build a sustainable and differentiated online travel company.”


Select What Matters Most

In addition to finding new and unexpected travel possibilities, you can filter by criteria that matters to you most. Voyij provides complete filtering for what is important to each individual person including travel dates, hotel star ratings, location, activities, price, and more. Unlike other sites that may list random deals, with just a few clicks quickly finds offers that match your exact criteria.


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