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5 Reasons Facebook Has Us More Out of Touch Than Ever

04/08/2010 14:14

E-mail, it seems, has become yesterday's news. While checking e-mail used to be our primary reason for going online, we now devote more of our online time to surfing social networks, according to new numbers from Nielsen.


We spend 23 percent of our online time surfing around social networks like Facebook, while we only spend 8.3 percent of that time checking e-mail.


That news isn't necessarily surprising to me: I can spend 10 minutes on Facebook and get caught up on the activities of 25 different people, while spending that same 10 minutes on e-mail would allow me to delete a lot of useless junk mail and maybe read an actual message or two. But, if I really stop to think about it, Facebook isn't really keeping me better connected to most people. Here are five reasons why.


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