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8 tips for optimizing in-house PPC campaigns

02/03/2010 09:59

The decision to bring a pay-per-click campaign in-house can be a daunting one. Many small- to medium-sized companies may not be able to justify the expense of hiring someone to do it. Or maybe an agency just "doesn't get" your company, your customers, and your processes.


On the other hand, you may need that expertise and knowledge to make a PPC campaign work and deliver a reasonable ROI, right? That's the situation I faced when I made the decision to bring my company's campaign back in-house after working with two different agencies. It has been two years, and in that time, our sales are up an average of 25 percent per year for 2008 and 2009. Certainly there are other forces at work here, but an effective in-house PPC campaign is a major factor.


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