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AirStar Parent Company Mundus Group Signs LOI to Form UAV Partnership With Legal Forensic Expert, Litigation Animation, Inc.

25/01/2010 10:37

Los Angeles, /PRNewswire / WorldTourismNews) -- AirStar parent company Mundus Group (Pink Sheets: MNDP) signs LOI to form UAV partnership with Legal Forensic expert, Litigation Animation, Inc.


Mundus Group continues its ambitious plans to expand subsidiary AirStar's UAV presence with a strategic relationship agreement with Litigation Animation Inc.


In the world of forensic legal animation, Litigation Animation, Inc. (LAI) stands out as an industry innovator with a record high municipal wrongful death case won at $24 million and roots with Naval forensic crash reconstruction. Established in 1994 LAI is located in the Silicon Valley where they utilize state-of-the-art technology to produce some of the country's most compelling forensic animation. Having a working association with experts in photography, accident reconstruction, human factors, biomechanics and the vision sciences, they use cutting edge computer networks and software to push the envelope in courtroom presentation technology.


Aerial images are a very important part of forensic animation because they help orientate the viewer to an accident scene. They can also be used to determine lines of sight, distances, positions and establish time lines for various events. LAI uses helicopters, airplanes, satellites, cranes, remote control aircraft, and pole cams to acquire aerial images. Survey data is used to modify aerials to correct dimensions.


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