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American Continues to Strengthen Oneworld Partnership

02/03/2010 09:22

American Airlines said it is continuing to work on strengthening its global network through its oneworld alliance partnerships. In recent days, American said it has achieved key milestones with its oneworld partners aimed at enhancing competition and customer benefits in the trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific markets.


American and JAL plan to provide even more seamless connections and routing choices for customers in the North America-Asia market as a result of their application for antitrust immunity, which they filed with DOT on Feb. 12. American and JAL asked DOT for antitrust immunity to forge a closer relationship and operate a joint business on flights between North America and Asia. The airlines also will notify the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in Japan of the transaction.


According to American, customers in the trans-Pacific market will benefit from the strengthened relationship between American and JAL. By more closely integrating their networks, the airlines will be able to improve efficiency, find opportunities to lower costs and have greater ability to invest in products, services and fleets.


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