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Bermuda Guns for Indian Tourists

16/02/2010 13:18

Bermuda BeachSensing huge opportunity in the Indian market for outbound tourism sector, a delegation from Bermuda is exploring ways to lure Indian tourists to island nation, a top official said.


“We are here to spread awareness about Bermuda in India with an intention to increase not only the number of Indian tourists visiting Bermuda but also improve relations between the two countries,” Premier of Bermuda and Minister of Tourism Dr Ewart Brown said.


A delegation led by Dr Brown is on India visit to meet officials from various sectors including Finance, Health, Hospitality and the Film Industry.


“The purpose of our visit is to put Bermuda on the radar with respect to tourism and to explore business links between Bermuda and India. For this we will meet officials from sectors like Finance, Health, Hospitality and Film Industry to promote Bermuda in India,” Brown said. When asked about the break-up of tourists visiting Bermuda, Dr Brown said, “We saw nearly 75 per cent of North Americans coming to Bermuda on holiday last year. This was followed by 10 per cent tourists from Canada and the UK and the remaining from other countries.”


Source: CaribbeanNewsDigital





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