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Bratislava Airport remains confident of SkyEurope being replaced

07/09/2009 11:14

The collapse of SkyEurope ten days ago has been felt heavily by Bratislava International Airport, which used to be the home-base of the defunct low cost carrier.


It is hard to measure the consequence for Bratislava traffic but according to data from the airport, in 2007 SkyEurope has transported over 868,000 passengers out of Bratislava or 43% of total passenger traffic. So far this year, SkyEurope represented a third of all passengers at the Slovakian airport with 26 destinations being served from Bratislava.


The airline also used to have comprehensive operations out of Prague and Vienna. Sky Europe represented in 2008 just 6% of total passengers traffic at Vienna Airport and 9% of all passengers movements in Prague, far behind passengers’ market share of national carriers Austrian Airlines in Vienna (49%) and CSA in Prague (43%). Prague and Vienna will however be less affected by SkyEurope disappearance than Bratislava airport.


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