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British holiday-planners drowning in sea of online research

31/01/2011 10:16

Two thirds of online Brits (67%) are now using the Internet to research, source and plan their holidays both here in the UK and abroad, according to the latest research from Memonic, the free web based note-taking software company, and YouGov.

The research, conducted online by Memonic and YouGov, found that only 15% of British travellers now use travel agents to research their holidays.

Dorian Selz, CEO of Memonic stated: “According to ABTA itself, over three quarters of the UK workforce holidayed in the 12 month period to September 2010. UK workers also took an average of 3.2 holidays; two in the UK and 1.2 abroad! Our research has found that 74% of online Brits that research holidays online are spending anywhere from at least two hours upwards researching each holiday online, with 20% spending 8 or more hours, the equivalent of an entire working day, conducting research.”



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