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Brussels: Europe will not recover until 2011 tourist figures pre-crisis

01/02/2010 16:03

Brussels. "The arrival of international tourists to Europe will not retrieve the peaks reached in 2008 until 2011," said fourth-quarter report published by the European Travel Commission The, who talks of an extension of the crisis that hit the sector in 2009 and qualifies to 2010 as a transition year.


The report acknowledges that figures for the first half of 2010 reflect an improvement, but states that obey the same in large part to the weakness of the second half of 2009 more than their own recovery, but noted that "some winter sports destinations are enjoying a good start this year. "


The Commission, which gathers the 39 national tourist offices in Europe, said that as the year progresses, the recovery will tend to stabilize, but at lower levels than those reported in previous post-crisis periods, referred Europa Press.


It also considers that the latest economic data "provide reasons" to consider an upward revision of forecasts, although there are still "risks".


Source: CaribbeanNewsDigital





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