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Carnival as a Low-season Getaway? Think Lisbon with Big WayToStay Discounts

28/01/2009 21:29

Spain (World Tourism News) - Carnival or Mardi Gras, has always been in a league of its own as the most dazzling of festivals, but usually with a high season price-tag attached. is offering a Lisbon alternative to the traditional Rio celebrations; a little closer to home.


Choose a bargain Lisbon apartment from the WayToStay selection, for a colourful and affordable Carnival getaway in late February.


It’s booking season again. That time of year when everyone is dreaming up their next travel adventure or planning a short break in a far-off land. But with the economic impact of 2008, it’s time to get smart with spending and make the most of the options at hand.
Between the 20th and 24th of February 2009, Lisbon will come alive for Carnival. The end of winter and the start of the catholic Lent before Easter; Carnival in Lisbon is a highlight of the city’s cultural calendar. Its folk parades, Brazilian acts and a flurry of events all centre around the Parque das Naçoes port.


Key parts of Carnival are the Mastronças parade and the final enterro do entrudo on Ash Wednesday. In Lisbon it is known as enterro do bacalhau (burial of the cod) and marks the end of the festivities.

And the best part of Lisbon’s Carnival? That this is still untapped and low season culture, meaning February sunshine and a spectacular Carnival line-up can be snapped up at the fraction of the price.


The deal is this; to find a budget airline flight and search for a self-catering apartment. Couples, families or groups will find their ideal private accommodation. discounts of up to 25%* for this period mean that sharing one of the Lisbon apartments with firends can cost as little as 18 Euro each* per night.


“Forget long-haul flights and overpriced tourist routes” says Richard Jones, WayToStay booking agent. “Lisbon is an undiscovered, authentic Carnival delight and WayToStay apartments make it the right price for any holiday budget”.
*Discounts 10-25% on selected apartments. *Price based on 6 sharing.


For more information contact:

Zara Patterson
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08003 Barcelona



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