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Commission proposes a new framework to regulate aviation security charges

13/05/2009 10:21

The Commission adopted a proposal for a Directive on aviation security charges in Europe. The proposal follows a recent report on the financing of aviation security.


The aims are to ensure transparency, non-discrimination and consultation of airlines when fixing the level of charges, as well as the cost-relatedness of security charges. It also proposes to establish an independent supervisory authority in each Member State.

Against the background of a challenging overall economic situation, Antonio Tajani, European Commission Vice-president in charge of Transport, said: "Significant steps have been taken to ensure the protection of the public travelling by air. This has increased security costs for passengers. We need to take steps to ensure the most cost-effective provision of security services."

At present, recovery of aviation security costs is regulated at national level. However, information to passengers on these costs can be inadequate and airlines are not systematically consulted at all EU airports. This situation hinders the existence of a true playing field for airports and air carriers alike, which is particularly critical in a very challenging environment for the entire aviation sector.


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