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Discovering Sardinia and the charm of Costa Verde and Piscinas.

09/01/2009 21:01

Sardinia (World Tourism News) - Sardinia offers in Costa Verde wonderful landscapes and a wild nature. Sardinia offers, in addition to more notes tourist locations, fascinating places still wild or not completely explored. The Costa Verde area, which belongs to the Arbus municipality,  is one of them and surely deserves more consideration.


Costa Verde preserves still now its wild beauty thanks to the fact that is not very well connected to the rest of Sardinia. The roads are small, not comfortable, full of blends and sometimes still unpaved. However the travel difficulties are offset by the beauty of the places.




The main features of the Costa Verde are panaromas and landscapes of yearning beauty. A lush nature changing its appearance according to the seasons faces a unique coastline that alternates big cliffs with sandy areas characterized by high dunes modelled by the wind.  


Piscinas stands out for the beauty between the sandy beaches of the whole area. It has been declared by the UNESCO world heritage site and its landscape cannot be altered in any way. Reach Piscinas means crossing not comfortable unpaved roads. The main road crosses what remains of the old Ingurtosu mines, a true example of industrial archaeology, that create the impression of a land abandoned by the humans. This aspect makes even more fascinating the journey necessary to achieve this place.


After 12 kilometres we find a gorgeous natural scenery where the only building is  the one of Hotel Le Dune  obtained by the old warehouses of Ingurtosu mines. This high quality small and charming accommodation allows to the few and privileged guests to enjoy 8 kilometres of wonderful sandy dunes.


A stay in this place is the ideal solution to escape from noises, stress and bothers of big city life. It is not random that this destination is appreciated from long time by managers, writers, politicians that love Sardinia but not its cool places full of people and gossip journalists.



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