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Fall in Love with Slovenia

12/02/2009 15:00

Slovenia (World Tourism News) - Small in size, yet colossal in personality, Slovenia is at the crossroads of Europe; where the north meets the south and the east meets the west; where the Mediterranean meets the Alps and the old meets the new.



Nestled between Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary, Slovenia was once a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (from the middle of the 13th century until World War 1) and, in more recent times, one of the 6 member republics of the former Yugoslavia. Today, Slovenia is an independent country, in its own right, and in June 2008 came to the end of its spell as holders of the EU Presidency.




Slovenia’s history is fascinatingly rich and astonishingly varied. Through the centuries, parts of Slovenia have belonged with many of their neighbors yet it is this flexibility to survive under different regimes, traditions and language which makes Slovenia what it is today; a dynamic modern country with its values firmly planted in the past.



This bright young thing of Europe packages up centuries of European customs and architecture, yet its inhabitants will happily greet you in English, German, Italian, or Slovene. If there was ever a close cousin to Switzerland, Slovenia is it. By name Slovenia is often confused with Slovakia (Slovakia once being part of the former Czechoslovakia) but by nature it is very different.




Compact in size, at just over 20,000 kilometres², Slovenia is a mélange of mountains and natural parks, historical cities and breathtaking underground caves, Mediterranean coastline and the famous Lipica horses (once supplied to the Spanish riding school in Vienna). Hundreds of events and festivals are held throughout the year and the list of castles and museums goes on and on.


Ljubljana Slovenia





For the visitor there are enough activities, attractions and experiences to keep you entertained for weeks on end, however, if you are planning an extended trip to Europe it serves as a convenient and affordable base. Unlike its western neighbors; Italy and Austria, the €Euro goes a little bit further for a whole lot more. At just under two hours drive away Venice is an easy day trip and, at the end of the day, you can leave the crowds behind and return to the peace, tranquility and award winning food and wine of Slovenia.



Inspired by the love he felt for his homeland Slovenian writer Ivan Cankar once wrote “A happy people will live in this place, their language will be a song and their song, a jubilation”.




Slovenia has all that Europe has to offer rolled into one. Accessible, affordable and appealing, come and feel Slovenia for yourself.


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