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Greek tourism takes its worst dip in 15 years

23/02/2010 11:23

The tourist sector in Greece suffered its worst year in 2009 for 15 years, the private Bulgarian television channel bTV reported on February 23 2010.

Prices are expected to dip further in 2010 to offset the decline in foreign tourists. According to the report, prices might be slashed by as much as 30 per cent for the upcoming season in an attempt to revive business.

Hotels reported, on average, seven per cent fewer bookings while food and drink consumption in hotels declined by 10 per cent.

More than 4000 people who were employed in the tourist business in Athens and the surrounding region were made redundant in 2009, or 25 per cent of the total workforce in the Greek tourist industry.

Reportedly, as part of the Greek government's austerity measures, hoteliers are facing a two per cent tax increase. This has been met with hostility from the representatives of the industry, who claim that any increase in tax would force them to increase prices.


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