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Green tourism partnership in Africa yields results for environment

02/03/2010 09:52

Making money by going green, by reducing the company’s carbon footprint to zero - now that is a challenge, but as environmental awareness ranks ever higher among long-haul travelers - and Eastern Africa is a long-haul destination from most major tourist markets - the “going green” concept is gathering momentum and the time might just come sooner than expected when the “non-greeners” will be shunned and punished by a changing pattern of consumer behavior.


The UNWTO in mid last year already encouraged the global tourism sectors to move towards low carbon travel and presented a detailed report to the Copenhagen Climate Summit in response to increasingly visible climate change, playing its part in nudging the aviation, hospitality, and related subsectors towards making efforts towards going green and first capping and then dialing back carbon emissions related to their line of work and business.


Their latest initiative was talking to the newly invented T20, ie, ministers responsible for tourism in twenty key countries, presenting them with updates on their Copenhagen submissions.


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