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Hospitality & Tourism Summit in the Czech Republic (Prague 8th – 10th June 2010)

19/05/2010 10:33

Prague ( - Professionals of tourism industry will meet during Hospitality & Tourism Summit in Prague from 8th - 10th June 2010 in order to discuss the current issues of tourism and hospitality development.


In spite of the uneasy time the tourism sector still offers many development possibilities and its potential benefit for economy of the state and respective regions is not used as much as it could be. The key issue is a lack of coordination and cooperation among different subjects active in this field, which are often missing financial or communication connections of their projects. On the side of entrepreneurs there is on the other hand a lack of courage to find and communicate different values than just the low price in the services of tourism.


Hospitality & Tourism Summit


Therefore the main mission of the jubilee 10th year of the conference Hospitality & Tourism Summit (during 8th – 10th June 2010 in Prague hotel Olympik) is a broad discussion on how to improve conditions for tourism development so that this sector would become a true key sector of the Czech economy and what exactly the individual players, from state or regional administration up to different industry associations and individual entrepreneurs, can do for it. Aware of the need to support such discussion of experts we will give the program of the jubilee 10th year of the conference Hospitality & Tourism Summit a three days space.


The first program day will deal with the tourism law whose aim should be mainly setting the right competences of individual players to achieve their  systematical  cooperation. With their good and bad experience with the similar law, guests from neighboring countries – Slovakia and Austria, will enrich the program. Main part will be given to the discussion about marketing role of national boards and necessity of more efficient cooperation with horeca operators  for the sake of the greater benefit of its activity for them. After the active discussion participants will surely welcome a relax in the form of sport soirée in the nearby Golf Club Čechie.


The second day will start with a big panel discussion of representatives of state administration, economic experts, hotel operators, travel agencies and other professionals on topic how to enhance image of tourism. The question Is tourism really a shameful word? grieves not just one of us. The discussion will be moderated by Martin Veselovsky from Czech TV, invitations were accepted by Rostislav Vondruška (Minister for regional development), Ludek Niedermayer (macroeconomy expert), Christian Mutschlechner (director of Congress Bureau in Vienna) or Karel Prochazka (Managing Partner of Guarant Int.). Core of the following program will be inspirational presentations and case studies of business projects successful despite this uneasy time. These will be followed by afternoon discussion sections on following topics:


A little bit different communication (how to replace one-way communication with a dialogue using new communication channels – successful examples)


Congress tourism and benefit of joint projects in regions (how regions can cooperate and profit from promoting ČR as a congress destination)


Development directions of domestic tourism (social and experiences tourism)


Prague… and what does it mean (how to improve image of Prague for tourism, comparative case study of London marketing, how to leave market with dignity)


Healthy trends in hotel services and gastronomy (how to use sustainability potential for success in the market, value of products of local and regional origin)


A busy day full of expert discussions and negotiations will culminate in gala dinner. Its title “Hospitable Moravia” prompts it will be in the spirit and taste of regional specialties combined with wines from Moravia and Bohemia. Part of the evening will also be connected with J. Vašata award for the successful gastronomic concept of the year 2009.


Program of the third day (Gastronomic day of AHR ČR) will also focus mainly on the Czech and Moravian national cuisine, from the aspect of marketing (Gastronomy as a mirror of culture of the nation as well as a promotion tool) and from the aspect of supporting connections with regional suppliers and their use in gastronomy of respective destinations.


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