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How have Web 2.0 & social media shaped online hotel marketing?

16/03/2010 12:12

With 2009 over and hoteliers feeling more optimistic, HeBS sees two very different approaches to hotel Internet marketing in 2010: on one side, some hoteliers are still extremely cautious when spending marketing dollars; on the other, hoteliers are hitting the ground running with more expansive online marketing budgets and an enthusiasm to participate in new initiatives.


How are hoteliers shifting the balance between offline and online marketing budgets? Which initiatives do they believe will bring the highest ROIs in 2010, and to which initiatives are they willing to start devoting more of their budget? Are hoteliers’ finding any more “wiggle-room” in their budgets now that the recession is coming to an end? With social media and mobile marketing dominating conversations these past few months, are hoteliers finally willing to invest a significant portion of their budgets to these up-and-coming marketing formats?


The purpose of the Benchmark Survey on Hotel Internet Marketing Budget Planning and Best Practices is to answer these questions and to assess hoteliers’ Internet marketing priorities and strategies for the year ahead.


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