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In Sweden, tourism withstands economic crisis

20/05/2009 16:24


It's not all bad for Sweden in the global recession—at least if you're in the tourism business.


New survey data shows that more than 80% of companies in the tourism industry are not laying anyone off, and many of them are even hiring. And half of the companies surveyed say they plan on making new investments in the near future.


Every year, the city of Stockholm hosts an event to help match Swedish companies up with investors. It's called Capital Market Day. And organizers say that this year, tourism is one of the hottest sectors.


The State Secretary to the Minister for Local Government and Financial Markets says tourism will help sustain Sweden's development.


Urban Karlström, State Secretary: "The Swedish tourism industry has survived quite well, and it's one of the few branches that's developing during the crisis. That's very good—and we can congratulate the industry for their positive development."


Anna Hammarberg works for the Swedish Government. Her role is to bring in foreign investment. Anna Hammarberg, Invest in Sweden Agency: "If you look at the amount of travel, I would say we've seen an increase in Sweden."


It seems people still want to travel to Sweden, even in the midst of a global economic downturn. So what's the tourist industry's secret to keeping those visitors coming?


Lotta Magnusson, County Tourist Director: "We still put our priority very much on travelers. The exchange rate makes us attractive for foreign visitors. You might say it's our form of export."



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