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Iraq Tourism Eyes Growth in London

20/11/2009 13:04

On its first visit to a European travel fair in more than a decade, Iraq will be attending World Travel Market in London with its partner Dunira Strategy to investigate market development opportunities. Led by the Tourism Board of Iraq, the delegation will also participate in the World Tourism Organization’s Ministers’ Summit and meet leading British experts.


British expertise in the field is well recognized. The British Museum has for some time been leading the way in supporting the research and interpretation of Iraq’s cultural heritage, which is such a key part of the country’s emerging tourism product.


The ancient cities of Babylon and Ur are key sites, whilst Baghdad was for centuries the intellectual capital of the Islamic world, leading in astronomy, literature, mathematics and music.


According to some historians, the Garden of Eden is 50 miles north of Basra, the city from which Sinbad set sail in The Thousand and One Nights. With 5,000 years of history, Mesopotamia is the cradle of civilization.


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