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Jet America Airlines Offers to Travel For 9 Dollar Only

28/05/2009 16:09

Want cheap flights to travel airways? Jet America Airlines offer the cheapest airline tickets, just for 9 dollars. From 13 July 2009,the cheap airfare will start with a Boeing 737-800 jet.

Jet America Airlines 9 dollar cheap tickets will get the discount travelers from Newark, NJ to Toledo. There will be only nine seats in each flight that will cost nine dollars each. According to Tampa bay Jet America Airlines will make money from additional fees, just like other low cost airlines.


Jet America Airlines seems to follow what Cebu Pacific in the Philippines is doing. Cebu Pacific offers just 1 peso airfare (less than $0.10). This fare of course doesn’t include other miscellaneous costs, like taxes. But still, this kind of promo or deal attracts air travelers.


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