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Low cost airline excess baggage charges can be avoided

27/10/2009 09:04

Air travel to and from Europe is still relatively inexpensive, as long as you only take carry-on luggage with you. But, start checking luggage and you can soon end up paying a considerable amount just to get your bags to your destination.


Now, however, there is a viable solution aimed at reducing these charges, and one that allows you to travel ‘luggage free’.

Since introducing a new EU service in September 2009, has saved air passengers over £8000 in excess baggage fees. Simon Huxford, director of, said “We believed there was a market for the EU air traveller who wanted to avoid hefty excess baggage fees, and the launch of our EU Economy service has proved this”.

With excess baggage costing up to £20 per kilo on some routes, you don’t need much excess weight in your bags to make having it picked up from your home, and delivered directly to your destination, be a sound financial choice, as well as removing the hassle of getting it to and from the airport.


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