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Mexico Tourism Officials Assess Impact of Flu Crisis

10/05/2009 09:37

Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism (SECTUR) and the Mexico Tourism Board (MTB) said they are strategically working together in light of the recent health scare that has directly affected tourism, the country’s third most important source of revenue.


Minister of Tourism Rodolfo Elizondo and Mexico Tourism Board CEO Oscar Fitch are working cohesively with Mexico’s National Trust Fund for Tourism Development (FONATUR) to form an integrated evaluation committee with Mexico’s tourist destinations to monitor the impact that the H1N1 influenza is having on the sector.


Elizondo said that as of last week a series of monitoring and mediating actions have been taken to track the impact, but as of now these numbers are not complete. The recent monitoring from all Mexican destinations has shown very preliminary information in regards to hotel vacancies, flight, cruise and meeting cancellations.


The Ministry of Tourism said it is hopeful that once the situation is under control, it will be possible to face the challenges that will have arisen from this situation and establish a plan of action for the tourism industry based on more precise information.


In regards to the spread of the illness on a national level, Mexico’s Ministry of Health reported in its May 3 update that the country is seeing a trend in the reduction of cases. The World Health Organization (WHO) said that new confirmed cases in Mexico are actually the results of previously submitted lab samples, a fact that is important to emphasize.


Mexican officials also said it important to stress that the World Health Organization (WHO) has maintained its stance of not restricting international travel or closing borders. At the same time, it does recommend that people who do experience flu-like symptoms immediately seek medical advice upon arrival from their international destinations.


In relation to the direct impact this will have on the tourism sector, a number of national and international institutions planning to hold their annual conventions in Mexico have followed the advice of the federal government and the international organizations of health.


Mr. Elizondo promised that as soon as a more concrete evaluation of the impact that H1N1 Influenza has had on Mexico’s tourist destinations, the tourism sectors will be prepared to immediately implement necessary actions.


The minister added that in the immediate short-term the three entities will continue to monitor and gather information from the principal destinations while always placing the safety and security of tourists as their top priority.


Source: CaribeanNewsDigital


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