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More Hotels Facing an Uncertain Future

14/04/2009 10:30

Hotels have been struggling for months as businesses and individuals cut back on travel. But what was a bad situation is likely to turn worse as a rapidly growing number of hotels — including many high-end and luxury properties — are forced into bankruptcy or foreclosure in coming months.


Jim Butler, a hotel industry lawyer, said those who manage distressed hotel loans have told him that their workloads have jumped tenfold in recent months.


“Things seem to be accelerating,” Mr. Butler said, and predicted that before the recession is over, the number of hotels in bankruptcy or foreclosure could rise above the 2,000 or so reached in the industry’s last big downturn in the 1990s.


The names on the front of the troubled hotels are well-known management companies like Ritz-Carlton and InterContinental. But the owners of the hotels are investment groups, wealthy individuals or companies that specialize in lodging and are generally little-known outside the industry.


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