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More People Booking Luxury Holidays Online

10/03/2010 15:13

Manchester (PRNewswire / WorldTourismNews) - More and more consumers are booking luxury holidays through the Internet. The travel industry perhaps epitomises the consumer shift from the High Street to the Internet. When it comes to travel, 55% of our holidays are now booked on the world wide web with a further 17% researched on the Internet before being booked over the phone. Only 7% of holidays are now booked in a High Street Travel Agency.


The pull is obvious. The convenience of having all the information you could possibly need at your fingertips from your own living room is pretty hard to beat. And it really is all the information you could need. In fact, the typical surfer now has more information available to them from home than a travel agent in a High Street agency would have had just over five years ago. Not only can a consumer compare prices from hundreds of travel companies within seconds, but they can also find independent consumer reviews on resorts, specific hotels and even holidays reps! Add to that the ability to book and research 24 hours a day, in your pajamas if you wish, and the Internet has proven to be an unbeatable competitor for the High Street agencies, with many companies choosing to shift much of their High Street operation into telephone call centres and online operations.

As the Internet finds its way into even more homes and ever more consumers become Internet savvy, the number of consumers booking luxury holidays online looks set only to increase.


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