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North America, Western Europe Lead Use of New Technology for Business Travel

26/09/2010 14:08

Findings were announced today from research produced by American Express Business Travel in collaboration with the Institute of Travel and Meetings (ITM). Surveys of travel managers and business travelers indicate seasoned travelers are as interested and eager to use virtual connection methods as their younger colleagues, while also admitting the critical need for face-to-face meetings. The research also explores the use of technology such as mobile devices and social communities and their influences in the corporate environment.


The survey and focus group research is compiled with detailed analysis of implications in a new report entitled “Changing the Game: The Impact of New Technologies on Business Travel.” Both travel managers and travelers surveyed agreed that new technology-based communication methods are now the norm for the majority of internal meetings – particularly those that occur regularly. However, only 22 percent of travelers say video conferencing allows them to influence, negotiate and maintain relationships required to conduct revenue generating and client facing activity.


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