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Perfect Traveller Makes You Exactly That!

29/11/2010 14:57

Melbourne, Australia (PRNewswire/ -- With the launch of his new project Perfect Traveller,, in March of 2010, Peter Kilby combines art, history, food, wine and computer technology to create the best audio tours about Italy available today.


Kilby has lived in Italy for over 20 years and knows the place better than most. His Australian down-to-earth manner has him presenting history, 'warts and all' and his comments on modern day Italy will have your jaw dropping. His often irreverent but always entertaining approach to history has been enthusiastically received by the travelling public for many years, with many regular followers opening up the Perfect Traveller website just to read the latest Kilby History and Travel Story!


Perfect Traveller was created to give the travelling public an exciting, new and easy to use product - the downloadable audio tour - that you have the freedom to play at your own leisure. The PT product in time will revolutionize the way travellers obtain information, whether on business or pleasure, and the tours will make world wide travel destinations more accessible and exciting for any visitor. Using your computer to download the files into a MP3 or MP4 (iPod) format that can be used in all mobile devices, Perfect Traveller's audio tours will open up a world of history, filled with great characters and the stories behind the stories.


A recent radio interview of Peter Kilby by Richard Filder reveals in part what makes Kilby tick and Why Italy? Have a listen at:


As Kilby says, "We all love to travel and most of us have vivid memories of the long, lazy summers of our childhood, where every day was a Huck Finn adventure! Our travel horizons broaden as we grow, but all of us still yearn for that sense of adventure and discovery and that's where Perfect Traveller comes in."


CONTACT: Peter Kilby, +39-338760874,, Skype: intuscany1

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