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Petra Cruz, Director of the Office of Tourism of the Dominican Republic to Germany and Europe

21/12/2009 10:27

With a view to seeking increased emissions from tourism-called emerging markets of Europe, the Dominican Republic will operate from early 2010 some 10 advocacy and representation offices in nations considered key.


Important changes are emerging in line with the strategic plan you checked years ago to the Dominican Republic's expansion in emerging markets. How is producing the opening of these new locations and have autonomy?


"A strategy for developing our emerging markets has been to open tourism offices in those markets. We raised the opening of four offices, three of which are already fully operational. One is in Vienna, Austria, and its official inauguration took place on November 12 in the presence of the Secretary of Tourism, Mr. Francisco Javier Garcia. The Vienna office will instruct the Austrian market, in addition to Romanian and Slovak.


The other new office that is already in operation in Prague, which is going to take market Czech, Polish and Hungarian. We also have a tourist office in Stockholm that is liable to all the Scandinavian market, and finally we have planned, because it is not yet in operation, an opening in Russia, in Moscow, which will be responsible for Russian and Ukrainian markets, and probably in a second stage also attend the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).



Is it true that the office of the Russian market will undergo major changes and a much larger development?

"Indeed. What we plan to do is let our representatives in St. Petersburg and to additionally open a tourism office, legally constituted, in Moscow. Obviously the representation in St. Petersburg will report to our office in Moscow and the opening is planned for March 2010, in the framework of the International Tourism Fair in Moscow (MITT), with the presence of the Secretary of Tourism .



An important fact which has witnessed the growth and development of the Dominican Republic as a destination for the Russian market, which is assessing the quality of service and the Caribbean nation. Can you comment on that?

-Dominican Republic is the leading destination in the Caribbean destination offering the best value for money throughout the region, and Russian tourists, like all our source markets in Europe, greatly appreciate that competitive advantage offered by Dominican Republic when compared to places like Cuba.


They also have an important advantage in developing the Russian market, which is its cuisine. How do they work on this important issue?

"Excellent, because Russians love our food, love our rum, our merengue, our clubs. There are many nightclubs in Punta Cana which are frequented by Russians, while the centers are already included in the packages offered by tour operators.


Within the policy of expansion, the office of Spain also reported to you in Europe, is not it?

"As director for Europe, my duties are to monitor the ten offices available to us today, and defining the marketing strategy globally, with the aim of ensuring the continued growth of the European source market to the Dominican Republic.


How will the investments grow in the Dominican Republic in terms of promotion, and what promotional and advertising strategies have been mapped in that sense for the DATE?

DATE-Looking continue to participate in major international fairs, but also we will have a more aggressive campaign to the ultimate consumer because that consumer is the end that really decides. Undoubtedly, the travel agent can influence the sale, but today, with modern media like the Internet, the final consumer will increasingly direct reports and makes decisions very autonomous. That's why we believe it is important to have an aggressive campaign to the consumer.


Source:, by Jose Carlos de Santiago




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