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Photographers Gather in the Ancient City of Pingyao

25/09/2009 12:14

Bejing (PRNewswire / WorldTourismNews) - The small ancient city of Pingyao has successfully hosted the 2009 International Pingyao Photography Festival this past week. The China Guide ( ) describes the festival as a unique gathering of local and foreign talent celebrating and sharing the world of photography in a special environment.


The photo festival has been an annual event since 2001, displaying the works of over a thousand artists from over 40 countries. Photo exhibitions and other creative works are shown in the cobblestone pedestrian paths and inside its historical banking venues. The festival attracts professionals and amateurs, both Chinese and foreign, who want to enjoy the creative atmosphere. Included in the week long festivities are discussions and practical training sessions hosted by professionals.


Pingyao is an ancient walled city preserved in its original state, as required by its UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Any renovations or repairs are done using ancient construction methods and in the style of ancient times. The center area of Pingyao is for pedestrians only, making it great for a relaxing walk and also great material for photographers.


Filled with small cafes, shops, restaurants, boutique courtyard style hotels and lots of historical sights of significance, Pingyao is a great place to escape the chaos of China.


"I have been to Pingyao a few times on photo shoots," says professional photographer Peter Danford. "Its very inspirational. Between the friendly local people, magnificent ancient architecture, and lots of great viewpoints on the old city wall there is always something different to shoot. The locals are friendly and don't mind being photographed. I recommend Pingyao to anyone wanting to slow down during their time in China and take in the scene, not just photographers. Its charming, with great little hotels, good food and espresso. Also, the history of Pingyao is significant."

China has become the perfect backdrop for photographers as there are so many places which have not been developed in modern ways. In one sense, China offers the opportunity to travel back in time.


Photographers can travel throughout China, including Pingyao, while also taking time to enjoy the history, cuisine and culture. The China Guide offers multi-city tours and will work with clients to customize their travel plans. Peter Danford has professionally photographed numerous sights around China and The China Guide will work with clients to create a photography-focused itinerary.


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The China Guide is a Beijing based travel agency, American owned and operated. Specializing in service, quality and hassle free web bookings they work with clients to customize tours that match their travel style. Operating only in China they have up to date knowledge and offer exciting experiences for travelers including their famous Sleep on the Great Wall tour. The China Guide avoids the common factory shopping stops that are not reflective of the true China.


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