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Pro-Animal Approach is Profitable

12/01/2011 09:03

LONDON, (PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Eytan Kreiner, head of the veterinarian flight division at Animal Airways: "Over 10 million animals are shipped abroad annually. 4 millions are pets that fly with their owners as part of global tourism or the relocation trend. Operators within the fields of tourism, transportation, aviation and forwarders that have pet tolerant policies gain an estimate of $1,840,400,000 dollars annually."

Diplomats, businessmen, reporters, scholars or immigrants travel worldwide with families and in 1 out of 4 cases with a pet. Operators (such as airlines, hotels, forwarders, travel agencies and ground handlers) that have opened their businesses to pets and that are willing to meet pets' needs are not just contributing to the greater good by making this world a better place for animals but they literally "Win the jackpot", since the animal transportation and pet relocation industries involve not only humanitarian but financial profit as well.

More than 4 million pets were shipped by air during 2010. Almost 3.6 (90%) pets traveled with their family owners and only 400,000 (10%) were shipped as cargo.

The airlines that serve pet owners by providing them with flight tickets for pets gained an average of $200 per pet ticket times 3.6 millions = $720,000,000. Cargo operators that shipped pets earned $2,500 per pet for every 400,000 pet shipments = $1,000,000,000. Flight insurance for pets is a brand new trend that costs the consumer $30-$50. Although only 4% (160,000) of pet owners show interest in that service, insurance companies that provided pet insurance earned $6,400,000. Hotels that welcome pets charge an average of $80 per night for each pet. An estimate of 10% of the pet owners that travel abroad spent at least 2 nights in hotels which result in pet friendly hotels gaining an extra $64,000,000 annually. Shuttle services for family members with pets are in demand, according to Animal Airways' statistics department, by 1out of 4 pet owners. That means that transportation companies that transport pets to/from airports earned $50,000,000 during 2010.

In conclusion, companies which were pet friendly and which enabled pet owners to travel with their pets or send them abroad comfortably and safely gained an estimate of $1,840,400,000 during 2010.

Dr. Kreiner: "It is with great pride and sense of accomplishment that I say that the world has definitely become a much more tolerant place for animals during the past decade. We have been assisting clients by booking flights, arranging transportation to and from the airport, handling hotel reservation etc. This process has become much easier, especially during the past few years. As a veterinarian and a pet owner myself, I am happy and proud to see the word transform into a pet friendly one in which people and pets travel together as one."


    Ayala Bar - Animal Airways Ltd.

Source: Animal Airways

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