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Projecting tourism in the next 30 years

24/04/2009 09:35

To celebrate 30 years of the World Travel Market, the International Centre for Tourism and Hospitality Research, Bournemouth University is organising its annual WTM forum with the theme Vision 3030 - to reflect the past 30 years and to project tourism in the next 30 years.


The market volatility globally demonstrates the key challenges and also opportunities emerging for both tourism destinations and suppliers around the world. Tourism destinations and organisations need to learn from the history of tourism developments in the last 30 years and adapt to the realities, technologies, and globalisation for the next 30 years.

Clearly understanding the Economics of Tourism and ensuring the sustainability of resources will be two key challenges for the future. The Tourism Futures Forum will provide an insight into the future dimensions of the tourism industry. It examines major trends in tourism demand and supply and explores the strategic changes that lead to the international tourism industry restructuring.


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