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Riviera Maya Launches Agent Training, Social Media Campaign

07/12/2009 10:32

The Riviera Maya Destination Marketing Office launched the new Riviera Maya Travel Agent Program (RMTAP), a series of online seminars for tourism professionals.


The program was developed to help travel agents gain extensive knowledge about the destination and enable them to recommend and design unforgettable travel experiences for their valued clients.


“The Riviera Maya Travel Agent Program is dedicated to empowering and encouraging travel agents to develop more business with our extraordinary destination,” said Javier Aranda, general director of the Riviera Maya Destination Marketing Office. “This service is a direct result of the high level of appreciation and respect we have for travel professionals. We are confident that RMTAP will serve as not only a helpful learning tool but also as an information source that is always available and easily accessible.”


The initial seminar consists of four modules -- General Information, Where to Go, Experiences and What to Do. Once finished with a module, agents are given a quick, basic exam to complete before continuing to the next module. In total, the program should take no longer than one and half hours for an agent to complete and progress can be saved along the way.


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