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South African Tourism, Bon Appetit Magazine Partner for Culinary Promotion

10/03/2009 08:24

south africaSouth African Tourism has announced a partnership with Bon Appetit magazine to offer the culinary program Journey through the Flavors of South Africa, which will introduce travelers to South Africa’s cuisine through the country’s hotels and restaurants.


The program will be marketed to Bon Appetit’s Epicurean Travel Consultant Board, made up of 48 gastronomy travel advisors who are part of the Virtuoso agency network. Non-Bon Appetit Board agents who are part of the Virtuoso network may also offer out this opportunity to their clients.


Admiral Travel Gallery, a board member agency specializing in escorted group departures to South Africa, has partnered with South African Tourism to create an itinerary that will feature personally designed menus by South African chefs, a series of private wine tastings, and excursions.


Accommodations include the luxury estate hotel Grand Roche and One & Only Cape Town, which opens in April. The itinerary also includes a safari at Singita Lebombo and Sweni Lodges.


Source: CaribbeanNewsDigital



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