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Sustainable Living Group, Inc. Launches Eco-Friendly Products for Travel, Industrial and Contracting Industries

16/02/2010 15:31

San Jose, Calif. (PRNewswire / -- Today marks the launch of Sustainable Living Group, Inc. (, a new company committed to providing the travel, industrial, hospitality and lifestyle industries with eco-friendly products made from sustainable resources. Sustainable Living Group was started because the founders felt there was a lack of everyday products that are made with sustainable materials - from simple necessities like shower caps and shower curtains to industrial products like biodegradable ponchos, coveralls and aprons.


Sustainable Living Group is committed to driving sustainability to the mainstream by providing quality and innovative products that have a positive impact on the planet. By striving to design and create products that stay true and pure to the environment, Sustainable Living Group aims to educate customers and change usage habits towards a "greener," healthier lifestyle. With the goal of reducing the amount of waste that goes into our landfills by encouraging eco-friendly alternatives, Sustainable Living encourages the intelligent utilization of the Earth's resources, as it is our shared responsibility to be mindful of the environment.


"We founded Sustainable Living Group because we felt that there was a lack of eco-friendly products that we as consumers really wanted to be more readily available to purchase and use," said Quyen Huynh, COO of Sustainable Living Group. "We hope that people will feel comfort in the quality of our products, safe knowing that we are using natural resources wisely, and peace of mind that the environment is not being harmed in the creation of our products."

Sustainable Living Group uses a combination of eco-friendly materials for all of the products, including biodegradable materials that can easily be disposed of, commingle with other recyclable items or non-recyclable trash, and can also be composted. Their products biodegrade naturally through microorganisms such as bacteria, algae and fungi. Additionally, the BPA- and PLA-free material is latex-free and manufactured in the USA. Their initial product roll-out includes:


Biodegradable Tray Table Cover - General purpose eco-friendly solution for the travel industry; covers the tray table surface completely and provides a clean eating and working surface during flight

Biodegradable Shower Curtain/Liner - Eco-friendly alternative to a traditional shower curtain/liner; great solution for the hotel industry and industrial usage


Biodegradable Shoe Covers - Provides a safe, germ-free layer between feet and the floor; can be worn over shoes to protect flooring

Eco-Friendly Shower Cap - Protects hair from moisture, debris, paint, dust and liquids; ideal for hotels, contractors and industrial usage


Biodegradable Coveralls - Protects clothing from debris, paint, dust and liquids; ideal for contractors and industrial usage

Biodegradable Poncho - Protects the body from moisture, debris, paint, dust and liquids; ideal for contractors and industrial usage


Biodegradable Lab Coat - Provides protection from moisture, debris, paint, dust and liquids in non-hazardous environments; great product for industrial usage and labs

Biodegradable Apron - Protects garments from food, liquids and debris; general purpose solution for the commercial and food industry


Biodegradable Car Seat Covers - A general purpose solution for the automotive industry, protecting the entire seat during maintenance and work on the vehicle.

"As a parent, I'm personally very concerned with the state of our planet and the vast environmental issues we encounter every day," continued Huynh. "We hope that we can reduce our impact on the environment by providing eco-friendly products that allow consumers to make simple changes that will have a profound effect."


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CONTACT: Megan Novak Shockney of Chloette PR, +1-858-442-3492,, for Sustainable Living Group, Inc.

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