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Thai Airways finally discovers full potential of the internet

07/09/2009 11:32

Thai Airways International newly appointed Executive Vice President for Commercial Pruet Boobphakam made its first official media appearance last Friday.


With an important announcement: Thai Airways will finaly use internet to sell its fares, a decision taken as part of a new strategy to raise $2.96 billion in revenues this year through simple but effective marketing action.


Let’s be fair: Thai Airways (TG) has had a website for many years. And people could book fare on line. However it consumed a lot of time and energy. “The site is extremely inconvenient with at least four to five clicks before accessing a fare. The range of fares was very limited with no flexibility according to travelling dates. Our customers could generally find cheaper fares in their travel agencies or even at our sales’ counters. I want the customers to be able to find immediately the fare they are looking for. In fact we will take AirAsia as a model for the simplicity of their booking engine” explains Boobphakam.


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