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The marketing duo behind New York's social media hotel

16/02/2010 13:57

There's a blog. A Facebook fan page. A YouTube Channel. Over 3,000 Twitter followers. A Flickr photostream. And two guys behind all these efforts, both of whom winnowed their way into overseeing online marketing for the property following stints in food and beverage services at the hotel.


Econsultancy caught up with Adam Wallace, the hotel's new media marketing manager, and his sidekick Brian Simpson, whose official title is still assistant food and beverage director, to find out how they built a family-run, independent hotel into a digital force to be reckoned with.


Adam Wallace: The Roger Smith Hotel has been here since the early '30s. It's a family-run, family-operated hotel. Our current president and CEO, James Knowles, is a painter and sculptor, so there's a lot of art elements to what we do, both online and offline. He's very interested in building relationships with people and communities -- always has been.


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