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The New Rules of Handling Customer Complaints

10/12/2010 09:58

Want some old advice? The customer is always right. Okay, now you can stick that in your pocket. Today's best service entrepreneurs are looking beyond old axioms in relating to customers. That's because today's best customer service isn't something that can be faked: it's personalized and it has a personality. Do you have the certainty you can harness all the feedback customers will give your company, act on it, and keep your best customers coming back for more? We've compiled highlights of new expert tips from articles in Inc. and guides on to help you take a fresh look at making your customers happier and your business better.


1. Ditch the formalities and break the rules.
The last thing unsatisfied customers want to hear is a recitation of your company's return policies, Tali Yahalom writes on "Today's customer expects to be treated as an individual, not as just another number who's complaining," Ann Thomas, a senior consultant at Performance Research Associates, a Minnesota consulting firm, says.


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