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The rise of the "Golden Globetrotters"

07/02/2011 08:58


They want to see the world and explore unknown destinations. They want to eat things they have never heard of. They want to abseil and scuba dive. No we’re not talking about gap year students... these are a new generation dubbed the ‘Golden Globetrotters’ – and they’re likely to be a pensioner.

New research from Leger Holidays has revealed that it is the more mature generation that make the most adventurous travellers, with over 4.6 million UK ‘pensioners’ spending their free time travelling to exotic locations, trying new things and meeting new people.

Leger’s research revealed that:

  • One in three (35 per cent) of those aged 55 and over prefer to travel away from the beaten track on holiday - a higher figure than any of the younger generations.
  • Whereas 56 per cent of the over 55s crave a holiday which allows them to see something new every day, the younger generation are much more likely to want to spend a week lying on a beach.
  • One in two (47 per cent) 18-24 year olds saw spending a week sunbathing as a good way to spend a holiday, as opposed to just one in four over 55s (26 per cent).
  • One in 10 aged over 55 has abseiled, one in two has eaten something when they didn’t know what it was and one in 25 have done a parachute jump.



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