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Through The Eyes Of A Hotel Butler: The Guest And The Service Level | Osvaldo Torres Cruz

14/12/2009 13:06

Every Hotel must be aware that working in a highly competitive market as the hospitality market, demands as a condition of survival to achieve a certain level of service. To that end, the Hotel as a business venture, must define a service philosophy which surely opens a path towards a service strategy.


However, nowadays, keeping a Hotel in the market is not enough, especially when the main hotel services have turned into commodities, that is to say, services without value, since there is no or little difference from those very extensive services offered by other hotels. There are two views in the market: one is to remain and the other is to make a difference and the latter is precisely where a hotel service strategy must be focused, since is the only way to achieve the long-cherished positioning in the market.


The ability to identify what minimum level of service must be achieved to stay in the market and what is the level needed to obtain the competitive advantage in some given market segments, depends on the Hotel strategic skills.


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