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Tourism Ireland to paint the world green for St. Patrick's Day

16/02/2010 14:14

Iconic buildings all over the world will be going green in honor of Ireland's most recognized holiday, St. Patrick’s Day.


Tourism Ireland announced that such famous structures as the Sydney Opera House, the London Eye, the Empire State Building and the CN Tower in Toronto will be flooded in green light in the upcoming weeks to honor the Irish holiday. Tourism Ireland plans to utilize the time leading up to the holiday to showcase Ireland in hopes of attracting visitors to the island in the coming months. They embark on this extravagant promotional venture in hopes of growing visitor numbers to Ireland by 3% this year.


“Over seventy million people around the world claim links with the island of Ireland and St Patrick’s Day is a truly unique opportunity to showcase our wonderful tourism product to a huge audience across the globe, as people instantly identify St Patrick’s Day with Ireland.


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