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.Travel seminar sold out at CLIA's cruise3sixty

01/04/2009 12:16

Travel, the travel and tourism industry’s exclusive Internet extension, will be featured in a sold out seminar at cruise3sixty on Friday April 3, 2009. CEO of .travel, Edward A. Cespedes, will present a seminar entitled “How do I compete on the Internet?” in which he will discuss how to maximize a travel business’ presence and profits on the Internet.


The interactive presentation will feature innovative industry specific tips, as well as quick and affordable online marketing tools to revitalize one’s Internet marketing presence. Knowing the importance of being found on the Internet, the seminar will emphasize how to achieve online marketing presence to a global audience using the .travel domain and its significant search engine results.


“My discussion will highlight how to be found on the Internet and beat the competition. I will include background on the Internet, insight as to where it is going, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips for novices and experts alike,” commented Cespedes. “I hope to further educate agents on the evolution of travel on the Internet with .travel as one of the essential tools for all in the travel industry.”


To learn more about .travel and its role in the evolution of travel on the Internet, please visit .


About .travel

.Travel is the top-level domain created specifically for the travel and tourism industry. Any participant in the travel industry may own a .travel name. Unlike other top level domains such as .com or .org, relevant content must be published on each .travel site within a year of purchase. For more information on .travel, The Source for All Things Travel, please visit .


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