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Travelodge to Create Even More Hospitality Jobs

27/07/2009 16:24

More hospitality jobs around the UK are set to be created after Travelodge chose the UK as the place where they want to do some more expansion. Just earlier in July, Travelodge said that they have 12 sites in the UK that they are looking into. This statement also mentioned that, apart from the 12 new sites that they have planed for the UK, they also plan on constructing 17 new hotels.


The managing director of development at Travelodge, Paul Harvey, said that to date in 2009, they have already announced the exchange of 25 new hotels and the acquisition of four going concerns. This has helped the company in securing 2,800 new rooms. He also noted that, with a very strong pipeline of properties identified, he fully expects Travelodge to exchange at least 50 hotels by the end of the year.


Some media has already reported that Travelodge has already managed to secure up to £2.3 million in funding to put up a 60 bedroom hotel in Wirral, Bromborough.


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