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UK Couple Holiday Like There's No Recession and Save GBP1,000 With Stay-for-FREE HomeExchange

25/01/2011 09:08

LONDON, (PRNewswire/ -- A UK couple saved GBP1,000 in holiday costs after organising a stay-for-FREE HomeExchange with a family living just outside Strasbourg, Germany. They were looking for a cheaper way to holiday abroad with their family, and were also excited by the possibility of visiting places that they may never have thought of, and of experiencing life in a 'local' way.


"The Strasbourg exchange house was fantastic," says HomeExchange Member Jane. "Our exchange partner's instructions about the house and surroundings were clear and thoughtful and they'd gone out of their way to make us feel at home. We spent the time sightseeing and enjoying the warmth, as well as congratulating ourselves on organising a really successful exchange, which had saved us about GBP1,000 in rentals."


Home exchanging means that except for getting there, a holiday nearly anywhere in the world doesn't have to cost any more than staying at home. With no hotel bills, the benefit of free accommodation and the ability to exchange everything from cars to boats and bicycles, home exchange has become the best way to experience the world like a local and to stay-for-FREE.


"Living in someone's house also means that it's easy to cook and there's always lots of DVDs and toys, so you don't need to worry about taking lots of things with you," continues Jane. "It also means that if you choose to look after each other's pets you know they're being loved."

Home exchange means you get to stay in a comfortable home in a real neighborhood. It offers travelers that exclusive chance to absorb the pleasures of a particular town or city, with the added benefit of returning to the comfort of their exchange partners home. "Expensive hotels are out; private houses and apartments are in; they're more appealing, more comfortable, and less costly," says Ed Kushins, President,


Unlimited exchanges can be taken with no additional per day or per exchange charges of any kind for only GBP5.95 a month. HomeExchange even guarantees that if for any reason you don't make an exchange in the first year, the second year is FREE. is the global leader in home exchange with 39,000+ listings in 138 countries with a UK version of the website at



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