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World's Largest Zeppelin to Become Ship of Dreams for Dream Recipient

20/08/2009 13:17

Moffet Field, Calif. (PRNewswire / WorldTourismNews) - Capturing the imagination of thousands during its recent visit to the greater L.A. area, the world's largest Zeppelin -- Airship Ventures' Eureka -- will return by popular demand September 3-8, to offer new and expanded flightseeing tours over the Los Angeles and Orange counties area.

The airship will also lift the spirits of Edson, a 29 year-old resident of Hollywood, who is battling bone cancer. Edson, his wife Janet, and two young sons will be treated to a once-in-a-lifetime flight aboard Eureka on September 3, departing from Long Beach Airport and soaring over area coastlines, spectacular scenery, and homes of the rich and famous. This dream was fulfilled by Santa Barbara-based Dream Foundation Edson was referred by Odyssey Healthcare in Garden Grove, CA.


According to Airship Ventures CEO Alex Hall, "We're thrilled to extend this extraordinary flight to this very special young man and his family -- to give them a new perspective on life from Eureka's vantage point." Dream Foundation Programs Manager Jackie Waddill responds, "What an amazing experience this will be for Edson. It is through the generosity and support of companies like Airship Ventures that dreams are made possible. The anticipation, the experience and the memories created for Edson and his family will be priceless. This gives a new meaning to being on Cloud Nine!"

Eureka will also fly into the history books during its excursion to Southern California - as it hosts the first-ever live internet radio broadcast aboard an airship on Thursday, September 3. Two wsRadio Network stations will broadcast live via satellite from the airship. Shutterbug Magazine Radio will conduct an airborne photography session with photographer Chris Golson from 5-6 am PT, and a special guest edition of The Washington Times Radio will air from 6-7 am PT.


Based in the San Francisco Bay area, Eureka will make its third Southern California excursion of the year over the Labor Day weekend, offering a unique flight experience to anyone who has ever dreamed of flying aboard a Zeppelin. Passengers have likened the flight to being on a "personal cloud!"

Starting on September 3, one and two-hour flightseeing tours, and private charters will be offered during the Zeppelin's six-day stay over at Long Beach Airport. Several tour routes will be featured, taking advantage of Eureka's 360-degree panoramas to offer passengers stunning views of Southern California landmarks -- including the historic Queen Mary, Long Beach Harbor, and the Sunset Strip, as well as sweeping views of the Pacific Coast from Huntington Beach to Santa Monica.


Special two-hour flight itineraries include an aerial Hollywood studio tour -- soaring over downtown Los Angeles, Dodger Stadium, the beautiful landscapes of Beverly Hills and Bel Air, and offering a rare view of the famous back lots of all the major studios (Disney, Dreamworks, NBC, Paramount, Sony, Universal and Warner Brothers), including a close-up fly-by of the Hollywood sign. A spectacular two-hour coastline flight follows the coastline south into Orange County, offering breathtaking vistas from Long Beach to San Clemente. Eureka will also be flying for sunset tours, giving a spectacular view of the lights of the city turning on as the sun sets.


For those seeking the ultimate Zeppelin experience, guests can step aboard as exclusive passengers during the airship's transit flights between Long Beach and the San Francisco Bay Area. Soaring above the California Coastline and Central Valley, these 8-hour cruises follow Highway 1 on September 2 (southbound), and September 9 (northbound) as Eureka travels to and from Long Beach and her homebase at Moffett Field near San Francisco.

Special Labor Day holiday pricing is now available, offering a buy one fare, get $100 off the second fare (or $200 off the second ticket on a two-hour flight). Passengers on every flight will also receive a certificate redeemable for a buy-one-get-one-free general admission to the Queen Mary, good through September 30, 2009.


All Los Angeles-area flights will depart from the AirFlite Aviation Services facility, adjacent to the main terminal at Long Beach Airport (3250 Airflite Way in Long Beach -- at the corner of Cherry and Wardlow). One-hour flights are priced at $495, plus tax, per person, and two-hour flights are $990, plus tax, per person. One-way transit flights are priced at $1,500, plus taxes, per person. All flights will be conducted daily as weather permits.

At 246 feet in length, Airship Ventures' Eureka is the world's largest airship -- 15 feet longer than a Boeing 747, and dwarfing the largest blimp by more than 50 feet. One of only three Zeppelins currently operating in the world, Eureka is North America's only passenger airship, offering guests spectacular 360-degree views of the sights on flightseeing tours above the San Francisco Bay, Silicon Valley, Monterey and Los Angeles.

For more information, to view a detailed flight schedule, and to purchase tickets visit: or call 650-969-8100 x111.

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