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Unique Tourist Destination - Ancient Meets Modern In Oman

Unique Tourist Destination - Ancient Meets Modern In Oman

From Oman's opulent palaces to shimmering deserts, this undiscovered corner of Arabia is a tantalising mix of ancient and modern discovers the renowned British journalist Charles Garside, as he heads for the oasis, so says a report that appeared in a recent edition of the British daily tabloid newspaper The Daily Mail.

Commenting on Oman’s growing popularity as a unique tourist destination, Usama Bin Karim Al Haremi of Oman Air’s Corporate Communications and Media said that the National Carrier has been tasked with boosting tourism in Oman, adding that the ministry of Tourism and Oman Air, continue to promote the Sultanate as a high quality destination aimed primarily at responsible tourists.


The continuous joint efforts he affirms have been successful in building awareness about Oman as a choice destination for tourism, and upholding the image of the Sultanate as a safe and ideal holiday spot. Oman Air, Al Haremi further stated, is yet to expand its network in Europe, with flights from Oman already launched to Frankfurt, Munich, and Paris. He said travellers could catch now daily non-stop flights from London Heathrow to Muscat with Oman Air.

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